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From mid-July to mid-August 2022, I had a fluid dynamics research opportunity at the Moutarde Lab in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Tokyo. This article is about how I got the opportunity and what I learned from it.

Originally, I was interested in researching fluid dynamics at university after graduating from Yamawaki senior high school, so one day I was searching on the Internet for fluid dynamics research at various universities in Japan. Then, I came across the website of Professor Mouterde, a French professor of fluid mechanics, on the website of the University of Tokyo. Reading his website, I became interested in his research. I sent an email requesting that I would like to do a research internship during the summer vacation at his lab. In less than a week, Professor Mouterde replied to me that he would accept me to his lab.

Everyone in Mouterde lab —undergraduates, graduates, and international students— was very kind and supportive to me. I felt touched every time they generously helped me devise research topics, experiment, analyze data, write reports, and prepare for the presentation. Above all, despite his busyness, Professor Mouterde was always open to answering any questions I had and consulting with me. Every day, I learned something new about hydrodynamics and how beautiful and mystic the motion of water is. Thanks to the enjoyable, instructive experiences I had every day in UTokyo, I became all the more eager to research fluid dynamics all four years at a university I will attend.

On my last day, after five weeks of research internship, I presented my research outcome to the members of the Mouterde lab. With my tears falling down, I expressed gratitude to Professor Mouterde and his lab members for enlightening me about the beautiful and interesting world of fluid mechanics.

Getting a research opportunity as a high school student is genuinely exciting because you get to immerse yourself in the field that largely interests you. You can also meet many respectful people. It may take patience to meet such kind-hearted people, but if any Yamawaki student is interested in researching, I hope you won’t give up trying to get that experience. There are generous professors who will accept you to their lab in any academic field. I hope that this article will be of some inspiration to you.