Special Week in May





The unique culture of Japan is wonderful!! I thought that so much kendama is difficult, but I had really a fun time★ Playing with my friends was my good memories. I want people all over the country to know Japanese culture! I am looking forward to talking with them in the future.


It was difficult to explain how to use Japanese game “kendama” in English. When I go to the UK, I want to tell children there about Japanese culture. So I have to learn and practice more English words.




We studied about Ireland by an Irish embassy staff. She told us about Irish culture, food, music, and more. She used movies and pictures to teach about Ireland, so it was easy to understand. After the lecture, I thought that I would like to go to Ireland in the future.


We had a special lecture on Ireland. We were taught about Ireland by an Irish Embassy staff member. I did not know much about the country, so it was very interesting. I was surprised at the nature of Ireland.




Edo Tokyo Museum was very interesting! There are a lot of exhibits about the history of Japan. And, the view from the observation deck in Tokyo Skytree was beautiful. After that I watched manzai and rakugo. I am glad to watch the famous entertainers “Naitsu.” Our last destination Sensoji Temple and Nakamise shopping street were very crowded. But I enjoyed shopping with my friends.


In Asakusa Engei (entertainment) Hall, we enjoyed rakugo. It was difficult to understand but so funny. We happened to see “Naitsu” do manzai. It was very funny and I wanted to see them more.