School Events

School Events


Entrance Ceremony
1st Semester Opening Ceremony



Orientation Training [Junior 1]
Off-campus Learning [Junior 2, Senior 1, Senior 3]
1st Semester Mid-term Examinations



University Week [Senior 1]
Open Campus
Classroom Visitations



1st Semester Final Examination
Summer School [Junior 2 and Senior 1]
Summer Classes
Start of Exchange Program in Australia [Selection system]
Start of One Year Exchange program in UK / USA / Canada / Australia [Selection system]



English Immersion Week [Junior 1, Junior 2, other applicants]
Yamawaki Girls Encouragement Program [Y.G.E.P]
Australian Language Training [Senior 1 / other applicants]
American University Study Abroad Experience Program [Senior 1, 2, other applicants]
Summer classes [8/24-29]
Open Campus



2nd Semester Opening Ceremony
Yamawaki Festival



Sports Festival
Second Semester Mid-term Examinations



Kansai School Trip [Junior 3]
Kyushu / Okinawa School Trip [Senior 2]



2nd Semester Final Examinations
Special class [Senior 3]
3rd Year Senior High Farewell Party
Ski Challenge Camp [Junior 1-Senior 1 / other applicants]
Start of One Year Exchange Program in Australia [Selection system]
Winter Training



3rd Semester Opening Ceremony
Special class [Senior 3]



Chorus Festival [Junior High School]



Year-end Examinations
Graduation Ceremony
3rd Semester Closing Ceremony
English Language Training [Junior 3 English Challenge Program]
British Hills Training [Junior 2, other applicants]
Spring Training


Pick Up

■ Sports Festival

At the sports festival, individual and group competitions and dances of each grade are held. In the competitions, the energy of Yamawaki students overflows throughout the schoolyard. In the dances, the results of practicing in each grade class will be shown. The Junior 3rd grade’s “Majalos” and the Senior 3rd grade’s “At the Persian Market” are traditional dances that have been danced for about 60 years. For “At the Persian Market,” high school students dance with various thoughts about their six years at Yamawaki, and the ground is surrounded by silence. The human characters drawn in the middle of the dance express the feelings for the future, and the school emblem drawn in the finale expresses the feelings for six years.


■ Yamawaki Festival

The Yamawaki Festival is held grandly as a place to announce the results of various research activities and extracurricular activities such as clubs. It is a tradition of our school that at the Yamawaki Festival, the planning and executive committee plays a central role. The school will be colorfully decorated with student designs and the festival will be held for two days with a large number of visitors. All groups will be presenting and conveying the results of the research they have done and the practices they went through for this day with all their hearts. On the second day, there will be an evening festival only for current students, and the whole school will be united as the excitement builds up to reach the finale.


■ Chorus Festival

The junior high school chorus festival, which is held in February every year, is the last event where the classes, who have spent a year together, would work together. The executive committee of each class will be the leader, and the students will select from the assigned songs as well as their chosen songs, divide the parts, and practice with the class. In class practices, they discuss the meaning of the lyrics and the tunes, and each class creates harmony. On the day of the chorus festival, the executive committee of the Junior 3rd grade will be in charge of overall management, and the various dramatic singing voices of the class will echo throughout the auditorium. Every year, the tradition of the chorus festival is passed on to the lower students who are impressed by the singing voices of the senior students and the feelings they have for the chorus festival.