From our Principal

If you set your mind to a goal, it will surely come true.

What kind of strength do you want to have and what kind of person do you want to be in the future?

The road that stretches out in front of you may not be a straight and easy one as you walk toward it the future. However, we have the ability to choose our own path and continue to walk toward our goals.

The future in which you live is a society whose values are diversified and unanswered questions are asked every day. Under such circumstances, I hope that you will become people who think for themselves, have their own axis, and pave the way for what they want to be.

In addition to a fulfilling learning environment, our school offers distinctive international education and scientific research programs. There are many opportunities to exchange opinions in English, interact with students from various countries, engage in full-scale experiments and research activities about life sciences and science and technology, and present research results. The accumulation of hands-on experiences and learning with friends will lead you to see a wider world from a higher perspective. I want you to take on various opportunities without the fear of failure.

Schools are bound to change dramatically in an ever-changing society. Class formats and learning tools are diversifying, and the world of learning will expand infinitely to suit your needs. Our school will also introduce iPad from this year, and will develop independent, interactive and deep lessons using ICT more than ever, and develop the ability of students to continue learning autonomously with interest.

The school emblem of Yamawaki Gakuen is “Fuji in Heart”. Since its founding in 1903 (Meiji 36), it has been handed down for 118 years. This design expresses the founding spirit of our school, which “cultivates women who stand dignified and lively in society while having a gentle heart,” no matter what kind of society they are in. With this school emblem in mind, the students learn freely every day and have a fun school life. I am confident that the six years at our school, where you can devote yourself on what you want to do, will enhance your “dreams” and “aspirations” to nurture your own “ambition”.

Fumiko Nishikawa