English Island

English Island that is unique facilitie

At our school, we are working to strengthen and enhance English education with the “cultivation of women who are active in the international community” as one of our educational goals. English Island (EI) provides education to “improve English proficiency” through activities using English as a tool. As a general rule, activities at EI are conducted in all English.
In order to play an active role in the international community, it is important to understand the differences in culture and values through interaction with people around the world as well as English proficiency. Therefore, through a simulated experience of living abroad at EI, domestic language training, and an international exchange experience with the cooperation of embassies and universities, taking advantage of the location in the city center, we will actually set out for overseas language training and short-term study abroad. We have an exchange program in place.
English Island (EI) is a facility where you can actively study English in an environment that makes you feel like you are studying abroad. Around the entrance square at the end of the EI gate, there is a cityscape that imitates England, such as schools, restaurants, cafes, flower shops, newsagents, banks, pharmacies, and theaters. The city is hosted by native English teachers, and communication here is primarily in English. After school, it is open to all junior and senior high school students, where they can enjoy English conversation at the cafe and watch movies in the theater.


English Island’s unique English program

■ English Island Stay (EIS)

-Junior high school students,1hours a week-
Classes will be tailored to your proficiency level using the teaching materials of Cambridge University Press. We will use the text (UNCOVER) created based on important data such as the results of the Cambridge Eiken and the Corpus study at the University of Cambridge. Compared to other companies’ teaching materials, the teaching materials are created with an awareness of frequently used vocabulary and items that are easy for learners to make mistakes, making them ideal teaching materials for junior high school students. In addition, by taking the Cambridge Eiken exam in 1st and 2nd grades, you can not only measure your achievement level on a global basis, but also enhance your sense of accomplishment and aspirations.


■ Junior high school 3rd year – English Challenge Class

Native teachers and Japanese teachers will be in charge of the experience of living in English from morning assembly to English lunch and final assembly, except for classes in subjects other than English. And, as a final step of the one-year effort, we will hold a language training and homestay in the UK in March.


EI after-school program

■ Fun seasonal events

Hosted by native teachers, we hold Christmas parties and Halloween parties. It is a fun place for international exchange with the participation of international students.


■ Exchange event with foreign students from nearby universities

As an opportunity to get closer to foreign countries, we also hold exchange events with international students from nearby universities. It is an opportunity to acquire practical English skills by interacting with international students.


■ Embassy visit event

As an international exchange experience in Japan, students who participate voluntarily visit the embassies of each country near the school. By coming into direct contact with the culture of that country, foreign countries become more familiar.



■ Junior high school 1st / 2nd year – English Immersion Week (August)

We have prepared an opportunity to use English even during the summer holidays. This is “English immersion training” conducted using El. This is a program with one native person in a small group.


■ Junior high school 2nd year – Domestic English Immersion Training (March)

We will use the facilities of British Hills, which reproduces the United Kingdom, to provide “English-immersed language training” that accompanies accommodation on a request basis. Here, you can experience and receive English training through interaction with foreign staff.


■ Y.G.E.P Empowerment Jr. (Basic) Edition (August)

The “Y.G.E.P Empowerment Jr. (Basic) Edition” will be implemented as a program that encourages junior and senior high school students to participate in their first overseas language training. This is a program that allows you to experience overseas language training in advance, assuming the actual situation of language training. Even for students who do not plan to participate in overseas language training, it will be a program to experience overseas language training in a simulated manner.


■ Junior high school 3rd year – English Language Training (March)

Students who participate in the “Middle 3 English Challenge Program” will have language training and a homestay at a language school in the United Kingdom (the Cotswolds) from mid-March to late March. This is an opportunity to test the results of your efforts over the year.
It’s the best environment to inspire, encourage and grow towards the goal of English language training!


Participant’s voice

Senior high school 1st year | M.U.
The English Challenge Program class is very cohesive, partly because everyone is working towards the common goal of English language training. By always being with native teachers and returnees, you can gain not only English skills but also communication skills and broaden your horizons. It’s the best environment to stimulate each other, encourage each other, and grow!


■ Senior high school 1st year – Australian Language Training (August)

This is a hope-based language training for high school students who are participating in language training overseas for the first time. We also offer training at a language school, homestay experience, and exchange meetings with local high schools.


■ Senior high school 1st / 2nd year – Study abroad at prestigious schools

Term study abroad at high schools abroad will take place at Victoria’s most traditional Academy of Mary Immaculate (established in 1857) and Mater Christi College, a prestigious girls’ school in central Melbourne, Australia (High 1). Or high 2 July-September: 10 weeks 70 days).

Both term study abroad and one-year study abroad are supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for Private Schools.


■ Y.G.E.P Empowerment (Women’s Education) Edition (August)

We invite female students from Smith College, a prestigious women’s university in the United States, and California University, a prestigious public school on the west coast, to our school for project-based learning (PBL) using English. Through this program, you will have the courage to open up your future and aspire to be a global leader who will change the world with the power of women. It is intended for junior high school grade 3 to senior high school grade 2.


■ Senior high school 1st / 2nd year – American University Study Abroad Experience Program (August)

This is a study abroad experience program where you can take a lecture at an American university and experience accommodation in a student dormitory. For the second grades of senior high school 1st and 2nd year, students will develop their ambition to go directly to an overseas university by experiencing university life at the affiliated school, Russell College.


■ Senior high school 1st / 2nd year – 2 credit system for studying abroad at high school

Students with sufficient English proficiency are allowed to study abroad for one year at the high school they searched for while still enrolled at our school. Credits will be approved after examination. If the credits for studying abroad are approved, you can graduate from our school in 3 years.