About Yamawaki

Brief history

Yamawaki Gakuen was founded in 1903 by Mr. and Mrs. Yamawaki. Her husband was a prominent lawyer and his wife was a female activist.
Yamawaki Gakuen Junior and Senior High School is one of Tokyo’s leading girls’ school with a history of about 120 years.
The school is located in Akasaka, in the middle of Tokyo. However, it is about 1.5 times larger than a regular school.
Our school focuses on English education, science education, and liberal arts education.

Fusako Yamawaki’s feelings about the school emblem

Fusako Yamawaki who is Founder and first principal expressed that the important value of Mt. Fuji lies in the three following three, and explained that these should be the ideals of one’s heart.


● A figure that does not change no matter where you look.
● A pure and secured heart.
● Selfishness that is suppressed by emotions with a calm and peaceful appearance.


Educational goals

Ask for yourself and learn deeply (Independence / Inquiry)

– A person who asks questions, thinks for himself, and tries to solve them.
– A person who sets goals and works independently.
– A person who keeps learning for a lifetime.


Embrace the ambition and open up the future (Standing Ambition / Outlook)

– A person who knows the value of his existence and tries to grow positively.
– A person who keeps stepping up to the goal.
– A person who contributes to other people and the society.


Compassion for each other and create ideas together with friends (Mutual Benefit / Collaboration)

– A person who imagines the other person’s position and situation and conveys his thoughts.
– A person who behaves and expresses in a way that suits the situation.
– A person who connects with people and creates new things.


School Population

There is a current school population of roughly 1600 students and about 160 staff members. The junior and senior high school have 7 to 8 homeroom classes in each grade. Founding Spirit and Educational Goals