English Island Halloween Party(Thursday 31st October)


Teachers and students enjoyed doing themed activities together. Students got treats for participating. There were 3 exciting games…..

Oogie Boogie Blast (Grant & Brenna)ウーギーボーギーをやっつけろ
Students raced to blow up balloons and knock ‘Oogie Boogie Monster’ cups off a table with only the air inside. The first student to clear the table won!

Witch Pitch (Adee & Toby)
Students took turns trying to knock over witches by throwing 3 balls at them. The more witches that they knocked over, the more treats they won!

Pokemon Panic (Kylie & Kat)
In pairs, students tried to throw 6 Pokemon balls into a bucket held by their partner. The more balls that they caught, the higher their score and the more treats they won!

Everyone had a great time!! Then, watch out for some amazing winter decorations including unusual snowflakes and details of the Christmas Party.