English Island Christmas Party


(Friday 21st December)

Teachers and students had a lot of fun together listening to festive music, talking and playing games. There were 4 interesting activities…

Big Xmas Raffle (Grant/Santa)

At the start of the party, students were given a raffle ticket for a draw which took place later. Seven lucky students won a variety of small Christmas gifts. All of the winners were surprised but very happy!



Jingle Ball Roll (Brenna & Kylie)

In pairs, students took turns fanning Christmas balls over a table and into a box with their Christmas presents. If you touch the ball with your hands or it falls off the side of the table, you have to start again! The first to complete the task is the winner!


Jolly Volley (Daniel & Toby)

Students bounced or threw ping-pong balls into Christmas cups to collect points. Rounds were played from 3 different standing positions, each getting further away from the cups and becoming more difficult. The player with the most balls in cups or points wins!


The Sleigh Slip-up (Himani & Adee)

Students travelled from the North Pole to different countries around the world which were randomly selected by teachers. They raced around the room to pick up the Christmas presents and to correct Santa’s mistakes before midnight!


We hope you all have a wonderful winter vacation, but don’t forget to do your homework. Merry Christmas!! See you next year.