English Island Christmas Party(Friday 13th December)


English Island Christmas Party(Friday 13th December)


Teachers and students enjoyed listening to festive music, talking and doing seasonal activities together. Students got candies, chocolates or cookies for participating. There were 3 fun games…



Star Wars Jedi Dash (Grant/Toby)

Students raced to complete a game with 2 parts. First, they tried to remember and match cards with the original characters on them. Next, they had to knock down bottles with the new characters on them. The student who finished both parts first was the winner!


Fa La La La Frenzy (Brenna & Adee)

Students were given a Christmas list and presents. In a race against time, they competed to deliver as many presents as possible to the correct houses and families. The student who managed to deliver the most presents correctly won!


Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree (Himani & Kylie)

In pairs, students raced to finish decorating a Christmas tree. One student was blindfolded and her partner had to give directions to position the star on top. The first pair to finish were the winners!




We hope you all have a wonderful winter vacation. Merry Christmas! See you in 2020!! (EI Teachers)