All Japan Youth English Oratorical Contest for the Mayor of Honolulu Trophy


Miss Anne Kashiwagi (H1 – EI Club) was invited to participate in the annual contest on Sunday 16th June in Osaka. Before travelling to Kansai, she practiced very hard with a little help from her teachers.


The contest was divided into 2 groups, 1 for high school students and another for university students. There were 8 high school students including Miss Kashiwagi taking part in the competition. Her speech, “One for all, all for one.” was well received by everyone and the judges were obviously very impressed as they awarded her the 2nd Prize.

When interviewed at school afterwards, Miss Kashiwagi expressed how happy she was to have participated in the contest and to have been given the chance to talk and educate people about a very important subject.



Well done Anne! Congratulations!!





テーマはAn Ideal Future for Japan 「日本のあり方と未来」でした。問題点の指摘はもちろんのこと、それをいかにして解決するかに言及し、高く評価されました。準優勝した喜びとともに、本選に残り、スピーチを通じ多くの人に思いを通じることができたことに改めて感謝するというコメントを残しています。

柏木さんの当日のスピーチ、 One for all, all for one. は以下のリンクで開くことが出来ます。