11月7日(土)に開催されました『第九回KANTO中学生作文コンテスト』英語エッセイ部門におきまして、本校の生徒3名がグランプリとwill be賞を受賞し、表彰を受けました。

How studying English will help me achieve my dream.(中学3年Nさん)

I have a 75 year old grandfather whom I can be proud of. He is very good at speaking English. After retirement, he went to foreign countries, and through English, continues working.
One day, I talked with a foreigner directly for the first time, when a French friend of my grandfather’s came to Japan. It was difficult to talk with a person, different in both the face and the language, and I was scared. However, my grandfather talked with his friend smoothly and gracefully. I thought that he was very cool.
When I became a junior high school student, English became a new subject for me. There is an English conversation class at school. I now have many opportunities to practice English. So I am learning to speak English little by little, and I think that English is one rope, joining people together. English is very important for politics and business, so we can do nothing without English in these fields.
In addition, a conversation doesn’t go on, if there is not an interpreter, even if a foreign entertainer appears on TV. In this way, English is essential for all countries. Learning a foreign language makes my mind rich, gives me new knowledge, and provides an attractive life to me. I can’t live if there isn’t communication with a person. There is love, friendship, trust and speech that joins people together.
Unfortunately the language barrier is big. How can I break it? I think that I must study more and more, and try to communicate with many people. I may think that it is very simple, but that it is an activity for my future. I have not decided my future job yet, but I want to be able to communicate with many people. This is the dream that I decided. For this dream, I will try to make the effort for each subject and I want to go for my dream!!

<will be賞>
How studying English will help me achieve my dream.(中学1年Nさん)

My dream is to become a flight attendant. Flight attendants kindly support passengers to get comfortable during a flight, and their service is not only for Japanese people, but also for the passengers from all over the world. When I visited New York I used United Airlines, and I realized there were several Japanese flight attendants on my flight. While I observed their service, I found their ability of English conversation was a very high level, and the service for the passengers other than Japanese was almost perfect. It caused me to long to be a flight attendant more. I understood that I needed to acquire a high ability of listening and speaking in English to communicate with foreigners who can’t speak Japanese. So I need to make the effort to learn English now. My father asked me, if the pilot is not Japanese and can’t speak Japanese, what will you do? Now I understand the meaning of his question, he wanted to teach me how important English is. I know now that flight attendants have to do many things while using English. I have a great enthusiasm to learn English now, in an effort to achieve my future dream.

<will be賞>
How studying English will help me achieve my dream.(中学2年Yさん)

Do you have a dream? I have many dreams. I’m studying English to accomplish my dreams. I’d like to tell you about two out of my dreams.
First, my dream is to be a scientist. There are still many biological mechanisms you and I don’t know about. I want to find a cure and create the antidote for many of the world’s incurable diseases. I want to share my findings all over the world. I want to help the people who suffer from incurable diseases.
Another dream of mine is to learn as much science as I can. Science proves all sorts of phenomena throughout the world, and I find it very interesting.
I have been charmed by science and I want to take every opportunity to aspire to a life of science. I fell in love with science from my classes and experiments in junior high school. For example, when my class and I conducted the weather forecast, we were actually having the same predictions as the announcers on the television. Seeing the process carried out like this was fun for me, and made me more interested in science.
I also made a mirror by using the reduction reaction method. I never thought that I could make a mirror using sugar. After doing so, I was very surprised.
In science there are a lot of things I don’t know. Science has much to do with our daily lives. I’m excited each time there is a new discovery.
Each day, I wonder what new discoveries will be made, and I’m interested in knowing the how and why. That is the charm of science for me. I was attracted to its charm, and I love science.
One step in order to expand my field of view is to look at the technologies and information that comes from the U.S. In order to be able to read English books, I need to be fluent in English. Now is the time for me to learn English, because I want to be proficient in English to realize my future in science.